there is an adjective that pops into the mind of your consumer when they think about you. all the emotions, expectations, images, history and gossip bundled into one powerful little label. here in lies your brand.


at SPARK, we craft layered plans to establish and strengthen brands. forging a consistent message, identifying the avenues on which it travels best, and strategically introducing the two (helloooooo). then we fan the flame.


we customize a team to support the plan. if you have the luxury of rising to do what you love, you get up first. when it comes to pulling a team around you, you choose carefully. you choose super heroes.


we wake up for this stuff. early.

and put a cape on.





strategic planning:

we immerse ourselves in the culture of your business, your brand, your goals, your budget. we apply our expertise in identifying strengths and weaknesses. and craft a plan to move the needle.


ie. we stick pencils behind our ears and stare at the bottom of each other’s tennis shoes for a long while.



we write and design the most effective message.


ie. we color outside the lines.



we sell ideas and products by positioning and strengthening your brand in the mind of the consumer.


ie. we meet people where they are and fill a need.



we compile the research that forms the recommendation while considering reach and demographics. we consider your goals, create a layered mix and strategically place it. we negotiate on your behalf to add greater value to the dollars you are spending.


ie. when you buy time, you use it wisely.



we design customized websites and apps with limitless capabilities, focusing on usability, function and great design.




social media:

we identify the social media platforms that suit your brand and manage those platforms focusing on amplifying the interaction between the brand and the consumer. we help you navigate the big bad world of social media. know this, with or without you, the conversation has started.


ie.  truth is, we’re just spreading the good news and helping people justify countless hours spent on social networks. 


public relations:

we manage public image. We strategically release information for effective media placement in order to take advantage of your proudest moments, and are quick to respond when your business has seen better days.


ie.  We’re loud. And we mingle.